Farebi Yaar Cast Actress Name List with Photos

Farebi Yaar Cast Actress Name

“Farebi Yaar” is a Hindi-language drama series that has garnered attention for its engaging storyline and stellar performances. The show features a talented ensemble cast that brings the characters and their stories to life. In this article, we’ll shine a spotlight on the actresses who contribute to the success of “Farebi Yaar” and delve into their backgrounds and contributions to the series.

1. Pratiksha Rai as Priya:

Pratiksha Rai plays the role of Priya in “Farebi Yaar.” With her compelling portrayal of a strong-willed and determined character, Pratiksha has won the hearts of viewers. She brings depth and authenticity to the role, making Priya a character that audiences can relate to. Pratiksha’s nuanced performance adds a layer of complexity to the drama, making “Farebi Yaar” a must-watch series for fans of Indian television.

2. Neha Sharma as Meera:

Neha Sharma’s portrayal of Meera in “Farebi Yaar” is both captivating and emotionally resonant. Meera is a character who faces numerous challenges and undergoes significant personal growth throughout the series. Neha’s ability to convey Meera’s emotions and evolution is a testament to her acting prowess. Her chemistry with the rest of the cast adds depth to the relationships within the show.

3. Riya Sen as Rhea:

Riya Sen, a well-known name in the Indian entertainment industry, takes on the role of Rhea in “Farebi Yaar.” Her experience and talent shine through as she breathes life into this complex character. Rhea is a pivotal figure in the series, and Riya’s portrayal captures the essence of her character’s journey, filled with intrigue and suspense.

4. Tina Dutta as Tanya:

Tina Dutta, celebrated for her previous work in Indian television, joins the “Farebi Yaar” cast as Tanya. Her charismatic presence and acting prowess make her a standout in the series. Tanya’s character adds depth to the storyline, and Tina’s performance ensures that viewers are invested in her character’s fate.

5. Pooja Gor as Preeti:

Pooja Gor, known for her versatility as an actress, takes on the role of Preeti in “Farebi Yaar.” Preeti is a character with layers of complexity, and Pooja’s acting skills shine as she navigates the challenges and intricacies of the role. Her performance adds depth and authenticity to the series.

6. Other Notable Actresses:

While the aforementioned actresses play central roles in “Farebi Yaar,” the series also boasts a talented ensemble cast of supporting actresses who contribute to the show’s overall appeal. Each actress brings her unique style and talent to the table, creating a cohesive and engaging viewing experience.


“Farebi Yaar” owes much of its success to the talented actresses who bring its characters to life. Their performances add depth, emotion, and authenticity to the series, making it a compelling watch for fans of Indian drama. With a mix of established names and emerging talent, the cast of “Farebi Yaar” ensures that viewers are in for a memorable and captivating journey through the world of the show.