Why is Smart Glass Becoming a Design Trend in Bar and Venues?

Why is Smart Glass Becoming a Design Trend in Bar and Venues?

Have you noticed that most bars and entertainment venues are redesigning their buildings? The covid pandemic triggered an unrivalled crisis in the bar and entertainment industry. Owners rethink or redesign their strategy to recover their losses. The smart glass came into the game as it played an essential role in creating continuation activities within and after the pandemic.

Bar and entertainment industry owners tried different techniques to stick with the customer for a long time or stand out from others. They tried different menus and different drink promotions, but ultimately they found that the customer will stick longer to that place where he feels a luxurious and comfortable environment.

Let’s discuss why smart glass is becoming a design trend in bars and entertainment venues?

Effects of Smart Glass

When your goal is to orthodox a comfortable environment, the inside temperature, Light, air quality, and sound will be the primary elements. Bar owners now established this environment with smart glasses. These innovative smart glasses enhance bar and entertainment venues, give a bright look, and increase the customer’s comfort level.


Reasons For Smart Glass Design Trend

Following are the reasons that became smart glass design trend in bar and entertainment venues:

#1. Control Heat and Glare

If you think that allowing natural heat waves and glare to enter your venus will increase the customer’s comfort level, you are wrong. According to the research, the customer feels more comfortable and sticks longer in a more relaxed place. 

The smart glass allows you to control heat and sun glare accordingly, so the customer feels more comfortable and stays longer at your venue.


#2. Applies An Environs Mood 

Heavy lights and bright environments are not what customers are looking for. According to the research, customers feel more relaxed and comfortable in dark light. A customer came with friends and family to have a drink to relax his mood. Giant lights and a bright environment are not good according to their mood. 

Bars and entertainment venues can use switchable smart glasses to control natural light and get darker then while creating a frosted state during daytime. 


#3. Impress Your Customers

If you want to manifest to your customers that your venus is the best, you can use switchable glasses in various aspects to wow your customers.

Try to make partitions using smart glasses to maintain privacy, use glass doors, and in windows use switchable glass to partition the bathroom area. These things will impress your customers and make them stay at your place for a longer time.


#4. Return on Investment

When you leave a wow impression on your customers, they will share their experience with others and give a positive review. This might help return your investment capital.


#5. Infotainment Wall

You may make an infotainment wall by using smart glass for the entertainment purpose of your customers. They may enjoy the informative video or entertainment while having their food or drink. This trend sticks the customer to your place, so smart glass enhances bar and entertainment venues.


#6. Sky Lights 

You may give a skylight view in the darker area or on any building floor while using smart skylight glass. That may create a skylight or darker theme mood. This is appreciated by the customers and a valid reason for the smart glass to be in trend. 


#7. Concealed Displays

When you want to bring openness to your place, smart glasses bring up more opportunities to advertise the products on demand and have a stylish way to present your things in front of others. That is why smart glass design is in trend now.



What is the Purpose of Smart Glasses?

Smart glass provides wireless connectivity and various features in a single frame. These glasses allow you to create an environment according to your mood.


What is Smart Glass made of?

Glass electrodes sandwich an electrochromic layer, typically made from tungsten oxide, and an electrolyte, usually containing lithium ions. When we apply voltages, ions get aligned to create a frosted state.


Which is the Best Glass in the World?

  • Saint Gobain 
  • PPG  

These two are considered the best smart glasses in the world.


Why is there a Glass Shortage?

International freight delays, labour shortages, and higher costs are the primary reasons for the shortage of smart glass. In short, you have to struggle while finding the smart glass. 



Smart glasses can have an enormous impact on businesses and industries that use them in their daily operations. The technology has the potential to create a better environment for business and entertainment, with greater levels of connectivity and engagement. The future of smart glass could see the introduction of more immersive experiences in a range of sectors including retail, hospitality, healthcare, education, public transport, and transportation.