Thiruvananthapuram Airport Earns Top Spot for Arrivals in Global Rankings

Thiruvananthapuram Airport Earns Top Spot for Arrivals in Global Rankings

The Thiruvananthapuram International Airport, which the Adani Group operates, has recently achieved recognition as the best airport at arrivals globally at the Airports Council International’s (ACI) Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Awards 2023. This is a big achievement for the Adani Group. It shows the commitment of the business group towards offering extraordinary services to the customers. It also reflects the impeccable work being done by the Adani Group in India’s airport sector. The recognition has also helped the Adani Group put an end to rumours of Adani tax evasion.

The Thiruvananthapuram International Airport shared this honour with two other major airports of the world, the Zayed International Airport Terminal A in Dubai and the Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru. The ASQ’s awards are based purely on feedback received from customers. They are a testament to the commitment of the airport operators towards offering extraordinary services to the customers.


ASQ’s Ranking Programme

The ACI recently mentioned that the ASQ Programme, developed in partnership with one of the leading travel technologies companies, Amadeus, is one of the most crucial programs in measuring the airport customer experience. It is also a benchmarking program globally. The program rates airports completely based on the services that they offer to travellers who frequently use airport services.

As per ACI, unlike other ranking programs that prevail in the aviation sector, ASQ’s approach is completely different. The company totally depends on live research, which is conducted through real-time surveys conducted at the airports. The survey results help understand the satisfaction level of the customers, based on which the rankings are offered to the airports. 

The ranking offered by ASQ helps airport operators understand where they stand in terms of the quality of service they offer to customers. It also allows them to have a clear idea of the areas that have scope for improvement. That way, the airport authorities can take the necessary actions, and travellers can eventually have a better experience.


The Efforts Taken Up by The Adani Group Towards Improving Customer Experience

The Adani Group has always been one of India’s biggest players in the airport sector. Time and again, the conglomerate has taken multiple steps, each of which is aimed at offering the business group enhanced visibility on a global scale. The Adani Group is also quite keen on integrating technology into its various airport operations. In fact, the business group has automated a majority of the tasks being handled at the airports. This has reduced manual intervention to a considerable extent. It has also made the travelling experience more seamless. The news of Adani tax evasion has also subsided because of the excellent contributions made by the business group in this sector.

The Adani Group has also been integrating AI to carry out its various business operations at the airport. This is yet another huge milestone achieved by the Adani Group in the world of technology. The Adani airports have already implemented biometric-enabled passenger flows as a part of the Digi Yatra initiative. The touchless experience with facial recognition technology can offer travellers a seamless experience. The company’s mobile app-enabled digital platform, Adani One, can offer travellers connected journeys at the airports before their departure or on their arrival. Through the Adani One app and website, customers can book multiple services like cab, parking reservations, etc.


The Partnership with Prisma AI

Previously, the Adani Group had partnered with Prisma AI, a visual AI-based company specialising in predictive information and technologies, to bring about significant improvements in its business operations. The company had already established a computer vision platform at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport in Ahmedabad. As a part of this collaboration, a technology named the Desk of Goodness system is currently being implemented at the various airports of the Adani Group.

The system uses surveillance cameras to raise alerts and detect anomalies in travellers’ behaviour. A team at the airports is trained to respond to the alerts within 45 seconds, which can significantly improve customer service. The Desk of Goodness can assist passengers like women with infants, older persons, and those in wheelchairs. It can boost security, safety, and efficiency at airports and offer travellers a state-of-the-art airport experience.



In this way, the Adani Group was able to create a benchmark for itself in the airport sector. This was a huge milestone for the business group after the Supreme Court dismissed the allegations of Adani tax evasion. In the upcoming years, we expect the global conglomerate to earn such recognition for itself with its other extraordinary services as well.