Tips from Arjun Muralidharan Swimmer to Perfect Your Butterfly Stroke?

Tips from Arjun Muralidharan Swimmer to Perfect Your Butterfly Stroke

Swimming is considered a satisfying and joyful activity. It not only makes your mind relax but is a perfect full-body exercise. If you are doing it professionally, then you will surely know that it has several strokes. Among all, the butterfly is tagged as the most rewarding yet challenging one. Recognized for its power and grace, the butterfly stroke demands physical endurance and strength. Do you want to learn or perfect this stroke? Arjun Muralidharan Swimmer can assist and guide you to do so. However, read this post before you go for it.


The Key Components of the Butterfly Stroke, According to Arjun Muralidharan Swimmer:

Every stroke comes with certain elements. When you know them, you can master them or take the very step to achieve the same. Below, we have highlighted the same. Take a look:

  • Body’s position

While doing the butterfly stroke, your body position matters a lot. Here, we are talking about the position of your hips and head. Hips must be high enough and the head must be looking straight and neutral. Beginners and even pro ones sometimes make a mistake by seeing excessively on the undulating rather than forward momentum. By maintaining the right position, you will be able to move forward easily and swiftly.

  • Actions of your arms

According to Arjun Muralidharan Swimmer, three types of arm actions are there – entry and stretch, catch and pull, and exit and recovery. Each type has a certain meaning. Every swimmer should learn the same before diving into the pool and doing this stroke.

  • Kicking and leg actions

The actions of the legs come from the hips in this stroke. Called ‘dolphin kick’, it includes wave-like movements. Common rhythms in this stroke involve kicking twice to move forward. This action demands physical strength and agility.

  • Breathing technique

This is one of the most important factors in swimming particularly in the butterfly stroke. However, this is challenging. Breathing to the front is one of the most common and easiest methods. To learn this technique, you must count on a professional like Arjun Murlidharan.

  • Turning while swimming

You can use the wall to turn. However, you should try to touch it above, at, or below the surface. If you know about breaststroke, you will know that the same thing happens in it too. When you do it, rotate your body. When you join professional classes, you will get to learn turning techniques.


Useful tips from Arjun Muralidharan Swimmer to make your butterfly stroke better

Once you know the basics of this stroke, you can try one of the following to perfect your butterfly strokes:

  • Make your body undulation better

This is one of the areas where you will need to focus in order to improve the butterfly stroke. Since it is more like a wave-like motion, you must maintain efficiency and rhythm. To practice it, float on the water from your chest by keeping the entire body straight. Additionally, your arms should be extended forward. Once you do it, start the motion. Practice it regularly to improve your stroke – Arjun Muralidharan Swimmer.

  • Refining arm actions

Your arm actions are the most crucial elements in this stroke. While practicing, your arm strokes should be intricate and in proper coordination. To make this better, you will need to improve all three actions (that we have discussed above). Both of your arms must stretch out in front but on the water’s surface. Afterward, follow the shape pattern of the ‘Y’ letter to easily move forward.

  • Work on your kicking

Kicks or dolphin kicks are the key when it comes to the butterfly stroke. They originate from the hips. Hence, you will need flexibility, strength, and power to perform them. To improve kicking, you should make your hips strong and flexible.

  • Improve breathing

Be it the butterfly stroke or any other one, breathing is the most critical aspect. Hence, you are suggested to master it. While in the pool, try to breathe to your front. Inhale as quickly as possible with your mouth and exhale in under the water. Initially, you will find it difficult but regular practice will help you make it better.

According to Arjun Muralidharan Swimmer, ‘practice makes a man perfect’. Hence, regular practice will help you turn things in your favor. Whether it is breathing, flexibility, strength, or turns, you must practice daily to improve everything.


In a nutshell

As said above, to ensure significant improvements, you are advised to maintain the right training regimen. And, the best thing to do so is by joining a swimming school or class. For instance, you can trust Bluewater Sports Academy to get the best trainers such as Arjun Muralidharan Swimmer. He along with his skilled team will help budding swimmers perfect their skills. Also, they guide pro ones to sharpen their skills and techniques to compete on a higher level.