Top 5 Simple Ways to Make Road Trips Enjoyable

Top 5 Simple Ways to Make Road Trips Enjoyable

I don’t travel by automobile too frequently, but when I do, I’m ready. The reality is that, living in Los Angeles, where driving is the primary mode of transportation, and dealing with the notorious traffic, I spend a lot of time in my car on a daily basis. And whether I travel for job or pleasure, I usually take a plane journey. But there’s something I truly appreciate about a good old-fashioned road trip every now and again! So, when Grant and I wanted to get from Aspen to Amangiri last week, we chose to drive.

We were expecting a long drive of at least 8 hours. So, I made sure we had something to do, see, and listen to while we waited. Today, I’m going to share some of my best techniques for making car trips more enjoyable! The best recommendation, of course, is to travel with someone whose company you like!


Top 5 Ideas to Make the Road Trips More Funable

#1 Prepare a Playlist:

I’m almost constantly listening to music, and car journeys are no exception. I nearly always create a new playlist for each trip or season, and when I hear a song from it, it always takes me back to that time or location. You may listen to my playlists on Spotify if you want to follow along!


#2 Play Games:

There’s something really nostalgic about playing automobile games! They’re also a terrific method to interact with each other rather than silently going through your Instagram page. The alphabet game, 21 questions, and license plate game are all classics. Grant and I like competing to see who can spot the most ‘out of state’ license plates.


#3 Wait For Photos:

When I’m driving, I like to pull over and take photographs whenever I notice something interesting or lovely. When travelling by automobile rather than flying, you can see so much more, therefore I try to take advantage of it and record those experiences!


#4 Make a Surprising Stop Somewhere Interesting:

What makes a road trip more fascinating and enjoyable than a surprise stop? Whether it’s a monument, a town, or a restaurant, pull over or take a little detour to see what piques your curiosity! Grant and I decided to walk off the beaten path to see one of the world’s oldest living animals – a million-year-old tree. Let’s just say it was a creepy experience – but it was surely unforgettable!

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#5 A Podcast Can Teach You Something New:

On a lengthy car journey, listening to podcasts is the ideal way to pass the time! There are so many great and informative ones out there, and every time I listen to one, I learn something new. I listened to Oprah’s Master Class with Jay-Z on the trip to Utah. I’ve also been enjoying Guy Raz’s How I Built This. So far, my favorite episodes have been Drybar and Dyson. What podcasts do you prefer to listen to in the car?