Is Pakistani Actress Zara Noor Abbas is Pregnant?

If Pakistani Actress Zara Noor Abbas is Pregnant?

Recently, actress Zara Noor Abbas released pictures based on her baby bump exposure on the photo and video sharing app Instagram, which has been subjected to a lot of criticism as soon as it came out. Zara Noor Abbas shared her pictures on Instagram, in which her baby bump can be clearly seen.


Zara Noor Baby Bump

In the pictures shared on Instagram, the actress is seen smiling in front of the camera wearing a blue top with an orange shirt, while she wrote in the caption, ‘Instagram vs reality’.

In the joy of the arrival of the little guest, while many fans and showbiz personalities expressed immense praises and prayerful comments on this smiling glimpse of the actress, there were also some people who criticized the actress for the photo shoot. .

Among the appreciative comments, a user criticized Zara Noor Abbas and called the actress showing her baby bump as indecent and wrote that if she does not show her belly, how can she be called a showbiz celebrity?

Some women suggested them not to share such pictures on social media, they will get noticed.

Some users wrote that if Zara Noor Abbas did not show her stomach in the picture, how would other people know that she is pregnant?

While users criticized Zara Noor Abbas, many users and even showbiz personalities also commented in support and praise for her.

Showbiz personalities called her beautiful and instructed her to take care of herself.

It should be remembered that Zara Noor Abbas got married to actor Asad Siddiqui for the second time in December 2017. The actress got married for the first time in 2014, but after the first marriage ended in divorce, she married Asad Siddiqui for the second time.

Asad Siddiqui had told in an interview that the pregnancy of Zara Noor Abbas was not lost at the time of the expected birth of the first child, but due to some complications, a 6-month-old child was born.

The actor further said that they had their first son, Aurangzeb, but he died soon and he buried the child along with Zara.

Later, Zara Noor Abbas announced the addition of a new member to her family in December 2023, informing her fans of the happy news with a picture of herself.