Who is Nana Miho? Best JAV Movie Actress

Who is Nana Miho?

Who is JAV actress Nana Miho?

Leaving the Kanagawa countryside for Tokyo, Nana Miho quickly became the most notable phenomenon in Japanese showbiz. She is not only a talented singer and songwriter but also the best hot model and actress.

Information about Miho Nana

Actor name Nana Miho
Japanese name 未歩なな
Another name Naatan
Date of birth August 12, 2002
Year old 22 years old as of 2024
Zodiac Virgo (Virgo)
Habitat Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Blood group AB
Height 156 cm
Number due to 3 rounds (BWH) 86 (D CUP) – 56 – 85 cm
Operating time 2022 – present


Nana Miho’s Personal Life, Hobbies and Personality

Nana Miho is an active, enthusiastic girl, eager to learn, cheerful, friendly and always tries her best at work. She born in 2002 believes that her most attractive point is her smile with Venus-shaped dimples.

She loves acting and has experience playing guitar and piano since elementary school. After entering high school, she began studying vocal music and dancing. This helps Nana possess a sweet, attractive voice and a supple, elegant body.


Not only did it help her perform well as a singer, but it also accidentally made Nana’s sex movies more popular. Because of her sexy voice and hot, flexible body, she can handle all difficult positions.


 Her favorite foods are pingsu, castella and monjayaki. She likes to go out to eat with her mother and JAV actress Honoka Furukawa. When she was in high school, Nana Miho worked part-time at a Monjayaki restaurant, so she dreamed of owning a similar restaurant when she was middle-aged.


In addition, she also loves nature and animals. Currently, this 18+ hot girl is raising a white male Pomeranian whom she named Mash.


Nana Miho’s Achievements

  • The most beautiful and sexy AV actress
  • Most popular hot & sexy actress
  • The most popular 18+ movie actress on the sales charts
  • The most talented sex film actress and singer
  • The most prominent JAV rookie in 2022
  • The most successful newly debuted actor


Miho Nana’s Career Path

In June 2022, Miho Nana officially entered the Japanese adult film industry. She joined S1 agency as a JAV actress . Nana’s motto is to create a new AV era of cuteness.

Her debut JAV movie code reached FANZA’s top monthly hits and Asahi’s top 2022 revenue. A month later, her first nude photo magazine was launched on Kobunsha’s FLASH and received impressive sales.

On September 24, 2022, she appeared at the Asia Pacific Collection fashion runway as a Japanese star representative. The event was held at Kanda Myojin Hall and attracted a lot of attention.

Miho Nana and a series of beautiful JAV Idols such as Yura Kano, Riri Nanatsumori, Unpai, Nana Yagi, Mio Ishikawa, Ibuki Aoi, Rena Miyashita, Nozomi Ishihara and Honoka Furukawa become the representative faces of the SUPER campaign to celebrate the new year 2023 – 2024 by FANZA.

Besides being an excellent hot movie actress, Miho is also very talented as she knows how to play musical instruments, knows how to dance and has a sweet voice. She works in parallel as both a music idol.

In September 2023, Nana Miho performed 100 songs for the first time in 24 consecutive hours. This is a solo performance in Shinjuku, Tokyo and is also part of the 24 Hour Nana Chale project. This performance left a positive mark on her role as a singer.

A month later, she and the Thom Browne team including Nana Yagi, Nana Miho and Honoka Furukawa continued to receive great response when appearing on the stage of Tsuki Mogura Chest Kyun Grand Prix. It can be seen that despite working in two parallel roles, Miho Nana still fulfilled it well and achieved many impressive achievements.