What Are the Essential Features On-Demand Apps Should Have?

What Are the Essential Features On-Demand Apps Should Have

On-demand applications have come a very long way to boost businesses’ reach with digital platforms. These apps have benefitted both customers and businesses using device personalization. “Convenience” is what makes on-demand apps more popular. From booking a cab to ordering food online, availing telemedicine, and more, consumers are getting more and more comfortable and hence, they ask for more convenience.

On-demand applications have now become essential. Though different on-demand apps have different impacts, there is a generalized shift of customers to online platforms. So, you need to create safe and competitive apps to meet the users’ needs. In this blog, we will discuss the different features you can include to make your on-demand app stand out.

What Is the Top On-Demand Apps You Can Invest In?

Though on-demand apps have the potential to cater to customers’ needs; however, not every on-demand app idea will work. You should make an application that serves your targeted audience’s needs, offers outstanding customer services, and be creative with top-class features. Below are some ideas in which you can consider investing your money:

  • Online Food Delivery
  • Home Services Delivery
  • Grocery Delivery
  • On-Demand Rideshare
  • Telemedicine
  • Packers and Movers
  • Car Wash
  • Tutor App

Advanced Features an On-Demand App Should Have

On-demand apps not only have the potential to gratify the general requirements of clients but also can assist customers in staying secure. If you are thinking of creating an on-demand app for any industry, you should definitely consider this list of must-have advanced features of on-demand apps:

Multiple Delivery Options

This option has allowed on-demand app developers New York to get the trust of clients. It has become vital to offer various delivery options through your app for on-demand services.

Contactless Parcel Carriage

As a responsible company, the contact delivery option is a must-have. Besides that, you should also ensure that a parcel is safe and secure during transit. Offering your clients, the assurance of contactless delivery has become very essential in the present times.

Push Notifications

The notifications about the app, delivery updates, or an order keep the users informed. Staying in contact with the users through push notifications lets users stay engaged with the app. It not only enhances your delivery process but also helps boost retention rates.

In-App Chat or Calls

You may leverage this feature to offer improved safety to clients. It will let you quickly serve the users. Moreover, clients can use it to stay in contact with their delivery representative via your app.

Online Payment Gateways

There is no use for contactless parcel carriage and delivery if the app doesn’t offer options for online payments or cashless payments. Ensure to include every payment option that your targeted audience may like to see. Lack of appropriate payment gateways can result in bounce rates on checkout pages.

Emergency Care Option

If the delivery partner does not follow any safety norms while delivering, how will the customer inform the concerned authority? It is because of this that emergency care options should be included in on-demand app development. With this feature, a software development company Toronto can help users register their queries, complaints, or feedback within seconds.


Basic Features an On-Demand App Should Have

Other than the advanced features mentioned above, there are some basic features every on-demand app should have. Let us have a look at each of them:

Admin App

Order Tracking

This feature in the admin app provides the delivery personnel with a performance track record. It is a vital feature from a business viewpoint.

Delivery Person Details

Every admin should have its employees’ details. This on-demand app feature offers access to every delivery person’s detail to the admin. It can include name, address, age, job nature, wage, and more.

Order History

For an admin, information related to future deliveries, delivery person name delivering a specific order, failed delivery attempts, and more must be clicked away only. Detailed delivery records ensure a flawless work process.

Payment Management

When it comes to delivery fees, employees’ salaries, and more, employers need to make payments. This feature lets the admin of the app seamlessly manage payments.


Service Provider App

Order History

The app should let the delivery personnel check past delivery details. It is like a summary of the delivery staff’s past work. This will also help them track their performance.

Vehicle Details

Mostly, business owners offer vehicles for delivery. So, keeping fleet records will enable better management. Delivery personnel should fill in these details.

Payment History

The payment history feature lets delivery personnel keep track of their wages every month. It includes details like commissions, tips, and other payments. It helps delivery personnel calculate their warning.

Google Map Integration

Google Map Integration ensures that the delivery personnel know the shortest or fastest way for the delivery. It also ensures their safety during delivery. By following the guidelines, delivery personnel can enhance their performance.

Accept/Reject Delivery Tasks

The delivery personnel should have the option to accept or reject a delivery task at their convenience. It offers them the freedom to work as per their needs and situations.


Customer’s App

Real-Time Tracking of Order

It is a vital feature to include in your on-demand app as it lets users get quick, real-time updates. As the app owner, you can include Google Maps API to use the feature with authenticity.

Order Details

Getting current order details and the history of orders is essential for customers. It lets them keep track of whatever they ordered. Furthermore, it gets simple for them to find out what they previously ordered and order the same product again without hassles.

Payment Integration

The app should have multiple payment options to let users make payments without any issues. Reliable and safe payment gateways are needed to make users comfortable with digital payments.

Customer Support

This feature is of great value for any on-demand app. You need to extend quick services to clients as the app needs it. It is essential to provide solid customer support to guarantee your user’s safety.

Ratings and Reviews

The rating and reviews feature lets users stay linked with the admin of the app. Instant feedback and reviews can make the users feel heard. Furthermore, it assists the app services to enhance.


Step-by-Step Guide to Build On-Demand Apps

Creating on-demand apps includes an agile and systematic development method to guarantee their success:


This stage includes determining the application’s purpose, unique selling point, and target audience.

Market Analysis

Market Analysis involves examining competitors, market trends, and user preferences to define the idea of the app.

Features Planning
This phase helps determine core functionalities and features the app will offer for a flawless user experience.

The app developers New York should create a user-friendly User Interface for interactive user experiences with intuitive navigation.

The software development company you choose should use suitable frameworks and technologies, integrating back-end and front-end components.

In this stage, thorough testing is performed to check the app’s performance, security, user experience, and functionality.

Professional app developers New York should deploy the on-demand app to the app stores at this stage. They should ensure that the app meets all the compliance and clear listing guidelines of the app store.

User Feedback
After launch, the developers should get user feedback and make vital changes for enhanced usability.


The developers should monitor the app’s performance and scale the server resources with increasing user demands.


Your app development crew should promote the app through efficient marketing tactics to enhance adoption and draw users.
Hope this blog helps you create an outstanding and successful on-demand app. If you have an on-demand app idea and want to bring it to life, contact Rushkar Technology. We are a top app development and software development company Toronto that has assisted many businesses in enhancing their growth.