Unleashing the Power of Toolcano: A Comprehensive Review

What is Toolcano?

Toolcano is a designated marketing tools platform built with only one thing in mind, to ease the process of researching tools. It has been developed after months of research regarding the marketing tools, and it is being updated continuously to accommodate the AI based tools which are entering the market. It is designed and developed to save time and efforts which can be utilised in the betterment of campaigns.


Why Toolcano?

Toolcano is a one-of-a-kind martech tool finder and aggregator, which has all the important marketing tools. It has been known to make a marketer’s work easy. But it is not only preferred by marketers. It has tools which help students and non-marketers in their project work. Toolcano has over 1000 digital tools stored in different categories. These categories are majorly focused on marketers but are limited to that. AI tools are entering the market at a fast pace, and it can be difficult to keep a track of all the AI-based tools which have been launched. But with Toolcano, it is as easy as opening the website. You must visit the website and check for the new AI tools which cater to your requirement. It will save you a lot of valuable time which can be used to improve your campaign strategy.

Toolcano is designed with one thing in mind, to make marketing easier. Tools have been designed for this purpose only but there are millions of tools available which cater to the same requirement. It would be very hectic if you had to search for the marketing tools individually. So, we came up with Toolcano, which has the most common tools under one roof.

We are updating Toolcano on a regular basis, and upload new tools as they are launched, providing you with new tools every time you visit us.

You can choose the best digital marketing tools according to your budget, need or a particular feature. You just need to select the category or the sub-category from the list and it will display the tools which cater to the respective category or the sub-category.

We have added the most common marketing tools for the most common requirements, including SEO, PPC, lead generation, sales, CRM and many others. New AI-based tools are also being added on Toolcano, which cater to different niches like, CRM, chatbots, sales and other important aspects of digital marketing.

The need for Toolcano has always been felt by marketers and non-marketers alike. There always has been a gap where the need of a platform or a search engine was required which could recommend many tools for the same purpose. Martech tools have existed for a very long time, but due to heavy workload, people tend to forget the tools. But with Toolcano, you have all the tools in one place. You just need to understand your requirements and you can easily get many tools at the click of a button.

Using Toolcano will be the best thing you can do for your business, because it will help relieve the extra workload of searching for the most appropriate and affordable tools for your requirements.


How does it help non-marketers?

We have already discussed how Toolcano will help marketers by providing them tools for specific marketing purposes. But that is not all, it is designed to help non-marketers and students alike. You may ask how? The tools which are uploaded on Toolcano not only cater to marketing needs but the needs of non-marketers and students. These tools can be used for creative purposes, audio and video purposes. There are some tools which can be used to find out the visitor data for any website and it can be used in projects. Some tools are uploaded for video recording purposes, which primarily is the need of students to record their lectures. Some tools are used for video streaming and live streaming which are used by non-marketers or gamers primarily.



We at Toolcano hope that your marketing journey becomes easy with the help of multiple tools. And to make it a reality, we are constantly updating our website and adding new tools on a regular basis. We have a dedicated team to research the tools you see on Toolcano. They are constantly working to make Toolcano the most updated martech tool finder. If you are a marketer, or a student, check out Toolcano and you will understand its benefits and the positive changes you can make to your campaign.