Learn Everything About Jaw Crushers

Learn Everything About Jaw Crushers

Even though the crusher manufacturer in India offers an extensive range of machines, jaw crusher is among the ones that are highly preferred options. This is a larger piece of equipment that is majorly used in ore and mine processing for crushing stones. These crushers are a critical part of the quarry and pit sectors. Recycling processing units also use jaw crushers to ease the processes. 

In case you are planning to get it, you should read this post to learn different aspects. So, let us begin.


How does a jaw crusher work?

Just like mobile stone crushers in India, jaw crushers are quite popular within the industry. They are used to break or crush larger materials into small yet manageable pieces. Two jaws (one is moveable and one is immobile) produce the necessary mechanical pressure for breaking down the materials.

These jaws look like the alphabet ‘V’ to ensure better operations. Talking about the measurement of the machine, it is typically measured from the crushing chambers to the top portion of the opening jaw. 


What are the applications of jaw crushers?

These crushers are useful for a number of applications. Some of them have been listed below:

  • Breaking down different ore types
  • Crushing larger pieces of glasses
  • Breaking down different hard materials
  • Rock ranging
  • Decreasing the buildup of rubles to pieces


An overview of the jaw crushers and their different types

When you see the options offered by leading manufacturers such as Etrack Crushers, you will get to know that jaw crushers are available in different sizes and shapes. To meet different industrial and crushing needs, one can choose from the options provided.

Based on the needs, jaw crushers can have the following types:


  • Single-Toggle Jaw Crushers

Also called overhead eccentric crushers, they are used for a variety of processes. Operates through the eccentric shafts, they move as the crusher’s flywheel rotates. Mostly, jaw crushers are made with heavy-duty materials i.e. stainless steel. Its shafts, on the other hand, are made of premium quality forged steel. Talking about the jaws, they can be welded or cast steel. 


  • Double-Toggle Jaw Crushers

These crushers come with moving jaws with eccentric shafts. The same moves the rear as well as front toggles down and up. Every shaft helps the crusher open during the upstrokes and close when there is a downstroke. The jaws of these crushers move the way a door swings. These crushers generally by crushing hard stones or materials by placing them between the jaws.

You will also see some more types such as force-feed jaw crushers and bulldog crushers. However, the above-listed ones are the most common crushers offered by leading crusher manufacturers in India. These are the crushers that are highly used in mining and other relevant industries. 


Where to get the best jaw crushers?

Are you looking for a trusted provider to buy a jaw crusher? If yes, then you can seek the help of the internet to locate the best brands in this industry. Among all, one name is highly recognized and acknowledged for its quality products and services. Yes, we are talking about the Etrack Crushers.

Below, we have highlighted the reasons that make this brand a reputed one:

  • This is a firm that has an experienced team of professionals. They are capable of guiding a construction management company or a manager regarding the selection of the right crusher. 
  • Here, they use high-end technology to craft the best range of crushers. The mobile stone crushers in India offered by them are the most popular machines they have.
  • The prices of crushers at this company are quite competitive. Since spending too much or too little on a crusher can affect the quality and efficiency of the end product, their prices are quite reasonable.



A jaw crusher is an important tool that is used in the ore and mining sectors. Through these machines, mining engineers usually crush the larger pieces of stone, rocks, and other hard materials. The best thing about these crushers is that they ensure efficiency and safety at the workplace. Besides, robust design, great service life, reduced operational costs, and minimal downtime are some benefits of these machines. To get the best options, get in touch with Etrack Crushers today.