Instant Pot Soy Beans Curry Recipe

Instant Pot Soy Beans Curry Recipe

A rich and creamy soybeans curry with minimal spices made in Instant pot, and that’s what I am going to share today! Check out my easy-peasy customizable soya beans curry with step-wise pictures below.

It’s been quite a while since I posted any bean recipes, and here I am with an easy recipe with dried soya beans. While you can make quite a few dishes with soy beans, this curry is my favorite.

As much as I love my garam masala spice blend, I love my curry powder as well. The curry powder is readily available online on all the groceries as well. You can find the Asian aisle of your local grocery stores. I use it for my dal palak, bunny chow, and few other recipes as well. It comes in handy when you want to whip up something quick.

For this recipe, all you have to do is saute some onion and garlic. Then turn off the IP and dump in everything and let the Instant Pot do its magic. 🙂


Health Benefits of Soybeans

Soybeans are a great source of protein for vegetarians & vegans. According to the wiki, Soy beans are an exceptional source of essential nutrients, providing in a 100 gram serving (raw, for reference) high contents of the Daily Value (DV) especially for protein (36% DV), dietary fiber (37%), iron (121%), manganese (120%), phosphorus (101%) and several B vitamins, including folate (94%) (table).


Ingredients Required

Dried Soy Beans: It’s the key ingredient for this curry. While you can prepare this with any other beans, given the health benefits, I highly recommend trying this with soy beans.

Butter and Cumin Seeds: Like any other Indian curry, we start this one with tempering too. I am using butter and cumin seeds for tempering. You can use oil for a vegan option.

Onion, Garlic, and Tomatoes: This forms the base of the gravy. We need one medium-size onion, two garlic cloves, and four tomatoes chopped.

Salt and Spices: I have used red chili powder and curry powder in this recipe. Please check the recipe note section for alternatives. Adjust the spices and salt to taste.

Cilantro: I love to garnish my curries with fresh cilantro. You need a minimum of 2 tbsp of chopped cilantro. You can add up to 3 tbsp.

Heavy Cream: I have used ⅓ cup of heavy cream here. It makes the curry rich and creamy and also balances the spice. You can also use coconut milk/soy milk for a vegan version.


Dietary Specifications

This soybeans curry is a vegetarian, nut-free, and gluten-free curry. Serve it hot with rice, roti, or any Indian flatbreads.


How to Make Soybean Curry in Instant Pot

Soak the Beans-

  • Rinse and soak the soybeans( I used 1 cup of dried soybeans) overnight with sufficient water, atleast 3 to 4 cups. Basically, you should cover the beans with at least 2 to 3 inches of water. You can soak it up to 12 hours.

Saute the Onion and Garlic-

  • Set the Instant Pot in saute mode, and the display shows “HOT,” add the butter. Let it melt. Then add the cumin seeds and let it sizzle for 30 seconds.
  • Now add the chopped onion and garlic and saute for three to four minutes or until the onion turns soft.
  • Turn off the Instant Pot. Turn off the IP before adding other ingredients helps to prevent the “Burn” notification in the newer models.


Add the other Ingredients-

  • Now we need to dump all the ingredients. Add the chopped tomatoes, salt, red chili powder, and curry powder.
  • Drain the water from the soybeans and rinse it again. Add it to the Instant Pot.
  • Now add 2.5 cups of water and cilantro. Mix it thoroughly.


Cook the Beans-

  • Close the Instant Pot. Ensure the sealing ring is in place, and the vent should be in the sealing position. Press the “Bean/Chili” button or pressure cook the curry for 30 minutes at high-pressure mode and let the pressure release naturally.
  • Carefully open the Instant Pot lid. Mix the curry. Now set the IP back in saute mode and add the cream.
  • If you prefer very mild creamy curry, add ½ cup of cream, or you can add ¼ to ⅓ according to your liking. Bring it to a boil and turn off the Instant Pot.
  • Serve warm with rice or any Indian flat-bread.


Recipe Notes

  • I used mild store-bought curry powder. Depending upon your spice preference, adjust the curry powder, chili powder, and the cream.
  • Instead of soybeans, you can use any other beans like black beans, kidney beans, chickpeas, navy beans. Please check the post for the recipe timings.
  • If you are using canned beans, then cook the curry only for 3 minutes at high pressure and release the pressure naturally.
  • Make this curry vegan by using oil of your choice instead of butter and coconut milk instead of heavy cream.
  • You can try this curry with garam masala spice blend instead of curry powder.