Instagram Algorithm Decoded: A Guide for Digital Marketers

Instagram Algorithm Decoded

Instagram is today one of the most used platforms where users spend 12 hours every month on average. Additionally, 70% of the audiences watch stories regularly (Source: Social Pilot).

However, Instagram is not just limited to scrolling posts and watching stories. Instagram serves as a great platform for audiences to shop. A study revealed that 90% of the audience on Instagram follows at least one business page. Moreover, after discovering a product on Instagram 36% of the users purchase it within 5 hours (Source: Gitnux). These statistics clearly indicate that e-commerce on Instagram is gradually evolving.

Thus, you must use the power of Instagram shopping in your digital marketing game. No doubt Instagram marketing can be a strong game changer in this competitive realm of online marketing. One of the best marketing strategies that you can utilize is embedding Instagram feeds into your website. This will help you to impress your visitors and strongly engage them to convert into your valuable customers.

However, the algorithm of Instagram is constantly changing which can also affect your Instagram marketing game. So, it is very important to learn about Instagram algorithms if you want to run a successful business on Instagram. You will get the best result if you plan your Instagram marketing as per the algorithm.

This article is going to cover a complete knowledge of the changing Instagram algorithm. Thus, carefully read this article and decode everything about the Instagram algorithm.

Let’s take this walk.

What Do You Understand By Instagram Algorithm?

Let’s have a basic understanding of the Instagram algorithm before diving deep into it.Basically, the Instagram algorithm is best defined as the guidelines which is the biggest factor for the content to rank better on Instagram. The Instagram algorithm is the factor that determines the sequence of posts to be displayed on the Instagram feed of the users.

The algorithm evaluates various elements which helps Instagram to decide what type of content is relevant and most engaging for the individuals. However, the Instagram algorithm also decides the content order of the explore page, reels, stories, and others. Overall, the Instagram algorithm is the reason behind users can see personalized feeds that maximize their satisfaction and engagement.

How Is Instagram Algorithm Working In 2024?

Now after the basics let’s dive deeper into this conversation to decode the whole Instagram algorithm game. If you want to understand the Instagram algorithm in a simple language then here it is. The algorithm gathers information on the contents of the reel, stories, feed, and posts and additionally studies the interests and behavior of the users. After gathering all the required information Instagram shows the right content to the right audiences.

The Instagram algorithm aims to provide users with the best experience with the platform. Moreover, it is not just the users but the algorithm also focuses on providing businesses to enjoy the best outcomes with their Instagram marketing strategy. Now this article will break down how the Instagram algorithm will work for each type of content for more clearer understanding.

A. The Instagram Feed Algorithm

  • First comes the interest of the users which is one of the factors that the Instagram algorithm counts on. So, the algorithm evaluates the content-consuming behavior of the users that is based on their engagement with the types of content in the past. This helps suggest particular industry-based content.
  • Next comes the popularity of the posts on the Instagram platform. The popularity of the content can be decided by the algorithm according to the comments, likes, shares, and saves it has received. Moreover, the algorithm also takes into account when and where the content is posted.
  • The Instagram algorithm next takes into account the information of the poster. The information on the poster helps to decide how interested the user is in the poster. This includes past interaction with the poster, frequency of the post, and many more.
  • The interaction history with any particular business or person. The algorithm reads how many times users have interacted with a particular business or person. This helps to understand how much the user is interested in seeing posts from them.

B. The Instagram Stories Algorithm

  • Now the Instagram stories algorithm focuses on how much the users are engaging with the stories of a particular Instagram page. By engagement means how many times users send likes, or reply to stories and also share them.
  • The next algorithm Instagram takes into account is the viewing history of the users. They notice how often a user is watching stories from a particular page. This tells the algorithm how much users are interested in their stories and don’t want to miss a single story.
  • The closeness of the users with a particular account. This defines the relationship of the users with the Instagram account. That is how much users like the Instagram page.

C. The Instagram Reels Algorithm

  • The first thing that the Instagram algorithm notices is the activity of the users like what type of reels they are watching, sharing their likes to the type of reels, saving reels, resharing or commenting on reels. This revealed what type of reels are users choosing to engage with.
  • The next thing is the interaction of the users with the person posting the reels. So, when a user is interacting with the same person it signals the algorithm the level of interest users have with their reels.
  • Then study the overall information of the reels. The audio of the reel, the length of the reel, and the caption style everything Instagram algorithm takes into account. This shows the specific interest of the users.
  • The information of the poster revealed how relevant their reels are to the users and what is their particular interest.


D. The Instagram Explore Page Algorithm

  • The overall information of the post is to be shown on the Explore page. The post with which most people interacted on Instagram, specifically the popular post.
  • Then comes the activity of the users on the explore page. The past activity of the user algorithm is taken into account to determine the type of post to be shown on the Explore page.

Parting Note

If you are someone who wants to beat the algorithm of Instagram then there is no shortcut to that. All you have to do is understand how the Instagram algorithm works and use that knowledge to rank your business page.

This article has given deep and important knowledge about the working of the Instagram algorithm for different content like reels, stories, and others. Thus, now it is your work to decode each of the algorithms to reach your business to the maximum audience. Thus, decoding the algorithm makes the best use of Instagram marketing to take your business to the next level.