Detailed List Of The Top 10 Most Expensive Apparel Brands In India

Top 10 Most Expensive Apparel Brands In India

With digitization, every industry has revolutionized and so has the apparel industry. It is not just about comfort now, but also revolves around luxury fashion brands. Digital technologies have helped industries like fashion expand their boundaries. Several international brands have entered the Indian fashion market and are making their mark in the industry. But, which are the most expensive clothing brands in India in 2023?

The following article lists the top 10 most expensive clothing brands in India in 2023 that you must check out. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s jump right into it and get started!

1- Louis Vuitton

One of the most expensive global clothing brands, Louis Vuitton entered the Indian market in 2003. They first opened up in DLF Emporio in New Delhi which has stayed operational and is their oldest store in India. You can also shop from Louis Vuitton in India from their Bangalore shop located in UB City and their Mumbai shop in The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower.


2- Gucci

Another major global luxury brand that is quite popular in the Indian market is Gucci. The brand has two outlets in Mumbai – one in Mumbai’s Phoenix Mall and the city’s Galleria Nariman Point. Well, good news for Delhi and Kolkata people, Gucci has a store in New Delhi Emporio and Kolkata’s Quest Mall, respectively. If you stay in any of these cities or are in for a visit, check out Gucci’s outlets for their brand-new season collection.


3- Chanel

Although Chanel has four shops in India, their boutique at the Imperial Hotel in New Delhi is the only store that sells their limited edition clothes in India. The other shops are all dedicated to their other products like perfume, beauty, skin care products, and more. So, Delhi’s people have exclusive access to Chanel’s in-store experience in India adding to the hype. People living in other cities can check out Chanel’s official website and other third-party sites to enjoy their high-end collection.


4- Dior

Although Dior has several authorized distributors in India, the brand only has two outlets of its own that cater to the Indian market. These are located at The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai and the DLF Emporio Mall in New Delhi. Dior’s plush design and wide collection of elegant designs are a hit in the Indian market and the brand is here to stay! With Dior’s leather goods, perfumes, accessories, jewelry, and skincare, the brand dominates the haute couture scene in India.


5- Armani

One of the most expensive brands in India, Armani is a globally renowned brand with an eye for exclusive designs and collections. The brand has about 18 stores in India that include Armani Casa, Armani Jeans, Armani Junior, Emporio Armani, and Giorgio Armani. The Italian fashion house offers a wide collection of haute couture starting from accessories, perfumes, and home interiors, to cosmetics. If you don’t have an Armani outlet in your city, we recommend checking out the official website.


6- Hermès

With only two outlets in India, Hermes is one of the most expensive and in-demand clothing brands in India. While one outlet is located in Delhi, the other is located in Mumbai. However, it doesn’t mean that people from other cities are missing out. Hermes does not provide its eCommerce services in India but offers an option of home delivery. So, you can check their official website to find something you like and get it delivered to your home.


7- Versace

With only three outlets in the country, Versace is one of the most expensive brands in India. The company has mastered the art of online sales and grabbed the attention of potential customers quite efficiently. Versace partnered with Infinite Luxury Group to penetrate the Indian market and has done it successfully. The Italian fashion brand offers a wide range of items like cosmetics, perfumes, home furnishings, and other fashion wear.


8- Burberry

Burberry has about 7 stores spread across different locations in India which is a commendable feat considering they only physically reentered the market in 2013. The brand also dates back to around 100 years old but has constantly upgraded its collection to stay relevant to current market trends. We recommend you check out Burberry’s new and exclusive product ranges and shop what you like!


9- Guess

Although Guess is one of the most expensive brands in India, it does not exactly cater to luxury and high-end products. Guess is widely known for its carefully curated denim collection instead of haute couture. Unlike other high-end brands in India, Guess did not have to spend on marketing and advertising. Indian consumers were already aware of the brand which helped Guess dominate the Indian market.


10- Fendi

Fendi opened its first store in India in 2006 at the Taj Mahal Hotel and entered the Indian market. The brand’s fur products, accessories, and leather goods have successfully made a mark among consumers. Fendi’s craftsmanship is nothing less than remarkable and their extraordinary pieces are clear advocates for the same. However, the best part about Fendi’s products is the highest level of attention provided by their fashion design experts. The brand’s iconic handbags brought it the reputation it has.



Although the luxury market is highly fragmented and volatile, these top expensive clothing brands have successfully captured the Indian market. Moreover, luxury consumers are becoming more and more demanding which requires increased engagement between the brand and its consumers. To cope with this, luxury brands need to stay updated with current market trends and constantly update their brand line accordingly. This can be quite difficult to achieve especially in the haute couture field.

However, these brands have been successfully modifying their collection and approach to cater to the changing Indian consumer. On the other hand, they have also maintained their unique take on fashion. This is why these brands are dominating the luxury market in India.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out these top clothing brands and revamp your wardrobe line!