Why You Must Use Social Bookmarking for SEO?

Why You Must Use Social Bookmarking for SEO ?

When it comes to ranking your website on Google or other search engines, everyone in the SEO industry understands the value of link development. I’ll go over the advantages and disadvantages of using free bookmarking sites for SEO link building.

High-PR social bookmarking sites now play a major influence in SEO. We could use social bookmarking to promote our website and blog to a range of relevant categories, resulting in high-quality backlinks and some new visitors.


What is Social Bookmarking and How does it Work?

Social bookmarking can be done in a few simple steps. The following are the steps:

  • Simply create an account on the Social Bookmarking Website.
  • Click on Submit Url, Submit Site or Submit to submit your URL. In most cases, every website contains a button that says “submit URL” or a Plus icon.
  • The form will open after you click Submit. You must fill in the blanks. URL, title, description, keywords, category, and captcha are all examples of details.
  • When you’ve finished filling out these fields, click submit and you’re done. You’ve completed your social bookmarking.

I’m going to share with you some high PR, DA, and PA bookmarking websites that I’ve used myself and find to be very user-friendly. Greetings!!


Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Use Social Bookmarking for SEO

#1. Targeted Traffic Generation

One of the most appealing benefits of Social bookmarking sites like Mix as well as Reddit is that they allow you to discover content that is based on tags or keyword. For instance, if are looking for “Travel”, you could simply type “Travel” in the search bar, and it will present you with a listing of websites.


#2. Generate High Quality Backlinks

Another major benefit of social bookmarking websites is that they allow you to build quality backlinks by referring to websites that rank high. Because backlinks play a crucial part in SEO, since they can help increase the domain authority of your website and traffic. Establishing quality backlinks is essential and, by using bookmarking sites it is possible to get those links and thus increasing your site’s position in search results pages.


#3. Increase Domain Authority

When it comes to SEO, Domain Authority is important however, enhancing a website’s Domain Authority is not an easy job. Since it’s dependent on a variety of aspects like the site’s speed of loading, download time Moz Rank, traffic, user experience, backlink metrics, social signals and more, it takes lots of effort to develop one.


#4. Improve Keyword Ranking on SERP

Social bookmarking sites permit users to add various keywords to your content by using URLs, titles tags, tags, description text and so on, without saturating your website, which helps you increase the visibility of your keywords in Google. Additionally, as it allows users to include several keywords that you can take advantage the long-tail keywords which have been shown to speed up SEO for search engines.


#5. Boost Your Page Rank

Improved PageRank is the combined effect of all of the factors mentioned above, including domain authority as well as social signals, keyword ranking and more. Furthermore, because the majority of social bookmarking websites such as Scoop It, Digg, Reddit allow do-follow links which means you can get backlinks from many sources, which can help in increasing the PageRank of your website.