Top 10 Android Apps for Education

Top 10 Android Apps for Education

How often do your smartphones get used every day? Statisticians estimate that the average American citizen will use their smartphone 344 times per day by 2022. Every person who has access to the internet and a smartphone has access to a vast array of apps for different needs. Below is a list of educational apps for Android students that might be useful for both students.


Here’s a list of the Top 10 Android Apps for Education

1)- Coursera

If you aren’t sure what you want, it is a good idea to search for courses on educational platforms such as Coursera. There are many classes available for free or paid: marketing, data analysis and mobile development. You can also learn about design, math and arts. You can browse the most popular classes to see which gaps you might be able to fill. Perhaps a particular course will help you to find your next career.

Cost: Free (some courses are cost-free, but to receive a certificate costs $29)


2 – TED Masterclass

The creators of TED created an app that allows you to practice all the lessons you need about public speaking and improve your oral skills. Learn the secrets and tricks of TED performers, how to design the speech text and exercises to improve your voice sound. Also, understand how to grab the attention of the audience.

Cost: Free (first lesson, previews and full access to course start at $49.99).


3) – Xmind – Mind Map and Brainstorm

This application offers many options, whether you want to create a blog post or get help with an assignment. This application allows you to create mind maps, which can help you find the perfect topic for your essay, design the paper structure, and brainstorm ideas.

Cost: Free (in-app purchase of new levels)


4) – Evernote

This app is frequently included in top education programs. It is easy for students to optimize their learning experience with one app. All study materials can be saved in one place. You can also copy content from the internet, create digital copies of timetables and notes, as well as photos of teacher boards, copybooks, or book excerpts. You can also create handwritten notes, take audio recordings of lectures, seminars and interviews, as well as record discussions. All information will be stored in Cloud Service, so it will be accessible from any device and anywhere that has an internet connection.

Cost: Free (50% discount for students)


5) – Skillshare

This application is designed for people who want to learn more about various arts. You can find out more about design, filmmaking, photography, creative writing, and animation. It also offers courses in marketing, entrepreneurship, and business in the creative field. Skillshare has over 35,000 classes and many options to help you choose what course to take.

Cost: Free (2-months free, then pay subscription).


6) – Amazing

This application is perfect for science and math lovers. Brilliant app’s creators recommend it to children as young as ten years old and adults of all ages. This app allows you to learn data science, math foundations, high school math, statistics, and more. You will find interactive solutions to problems and lecture videos in the course. This application is not designed to teach you how to memorize formulas, but rather how to understand science through the STEM method.

Cost: Paid (3-month, annual, and group subscriptions).


7)- Quizlet

Quizlet is a great place to find quizzes. Quizlet allows students and teachers to create and share quizzes. These exercises will help expand your vocabulary, learn new terms, and prepare you for the exam. This will help you remember how to write and pronounce words. You can also take quizzes on literature, math and psychology to increase your intelligence and overall development.

Cost: Free (built-in purchase for more features)


8)- Memorado

Training your brain will not cause muscle soreness, but you’ll be thrilled with the results. The app is not just for students. It allows you to improve your logic, concentration and math skills. Math is a necessary part of life, but who said math wasn’t important? Every new mental effort creates neural connections in your brain, increasing your “think tank.”

Cost: Free (in-app purchase of additional levels).


9)- Duolingo

It is one of the most popular Android language learning apps. You can learn many languages here, including Greek and Japanese. Duolingo is easy to use and offers a fun learning experience. The lessons are based upon translating foreign phrases and words into your native language. Start with the most important words and then work your way up to more complex vocabulary.

Cost: Free (in-app purchase to remove ads).


10)- Rosetta Stone

RosettaStone is a different way to learn languages, which is not the case with Duolingo. RosettaStone is less about games, but more about direct study of phrases, sounds and dialogues. TrueAccent is a feature that corrects accents and checks your pronunciation. You can also use the real-time study option for a restricted number of languages.

Cost: Free (paid subscriptions are available)