Tips for Buying the Best Table Fans for Summer in India

Tips for Buying the Best Table Fans for Summer in India

Being a tropical country, India always has the agonizing summer months. The scorching temperature during summer causes severe uneasiness and discomfort, preventing you from performing your daily chores with ease. The only thing that can offer you great relief during such soaring temperature is the table fan. Table fans are portable and handy appliances, and there are many brands that design table fans for personal use. This appliance can be beneficial if you want to save money on utility bills. But before buying one, you need to compare the Bajaj, USHA, Havells, Crompton and Sujata table fan price in India to grab the affordable deals.


Size of Table Fan

Table fans are available in a variety of designs and sizes to cater to your specific needs. Comparatively, table fans are small and portable in size and can be used by placing it on a desktop or any surfaces. Based on your specific needs and available space for its placement, you can choose the ideal size of table fans ranging from 12 inches to 20 inches in diameter. You will experience more airflow if you go for the larger table fans.


Materials of Table Fan

Today, table fans are made out of different materials, including stainless steel, plastic, brass, and even cast iron. Each material has its benefits and drawbacks. For instance, the plastic table fans are quite affordable and efficient; cast-iron fans are best for outdoor performance as they are powerful and work efficiently in an open environment. But the metal fans are highly prone to get rust, and this is the reason why people choose to buy plastic table tables over metal fans.


Detachable Grills

Table fans rotate from right to left and allow airflow to reach different directions, and this process attaches to dust and dirt. Over time it would accumulate lots of dust, and you will see layers of dust on the protective grill. For cleaning the grills, you need to remove it, and this is the reason why you must look for detachable grills that can be removed easily for cleaning. The best table fan comes with easy to remove protective grills without screws, which makes cleaning easier for you.


Swing Oscillation

Table fans have several advantages as it generates airflow in several directions and not in a single direction. It keeps on moving, rotating and swinging side by side to cool multiple areas in the room. There are table fans that come with automated swing function, while others generate airflow in one direction only and need to control manually for oscillation. You need to check the fan’s specifications to know whether or not it has swinging oscillation.



The power consumption of the fan varies depending upon the model and brand. Most of the table fans consume power about 40 watts to 50 watts, while some powerful models have the highest power consumption of 80 watts to 100 watts. You need to check the fan’s specifications to learn about the average wattage consumed by the table fan.


Noise Level

Table fans are high-speed fans, and it swings at very high speed, causing lots of noise. The traditional table fans produce lots of noise. But the latest models are designed to produce very little noise. Some of the table fan models even run without any noise. The intensity of the noise varies depending upon the model of table fans. So, you need to check the noise level before buying to ensure that you have the best experience with the fan.


Table Fan Design

There are box fans and window fans, which you can use by positioning it on window sills. It brings fresh air from the outside and makes the room cool quickly. But, it can get easily damaged because of its slim design.

The classic desktop fans are good, and it comes with a variety of design which is too bulky. It is protected from grills, and most of the homes usually have desktop models. These are some of the important factors that you need to consider when buying a table fan this summer. But again, you must compare the Sujata, Bajaj, USHA and Crompton fan price list before buying to grab the cheaper and economical deals.