7 Ways to Save Money on Groceries

7 Ways to Save Money on Groceries

A year ago, I started shopping for my own groceries. I was quite surprised to see my grocery bills back then. However, since then, I’ve learned a lot about how to save money on groceries. Read the article to see where you can save the most.


#1. Compare the Prices 

I usually get a bunch of flyers along with my newspaper every day. I collect them and circle out the best deals on each of the stores. Alternatively, you can also use grocery store apps to know the current offers, discounts and save coupons. Some apps even offer cash rebates so I suggest you stay updated.

Compare the Prices


#2. Shop with a Fixed Amount

If you’re trying to cut back your grocery costs, the best way is to decide on a number and shop accordingly. For instance, hold yourself accountable if you spend over $50 at the grocery store. Keep your phone handy so that you can continue adding the prices of the items you add to the cart. This way, you’ll be more mindful of your purchases.


#3. Start Planning Your Meals

Start Planning Your Meals

It’s wise to plan your meals before you go grocery shopping. Take into account how much of what you’re already left with and search for recipes accordingly. Mention the number of meals you’ll not be cooking that week. For instance, you’re not likely to cook anything for dinner if you’ve got a wedding reception or a birthday party to attend.


#4. Take a Smaller Basket or Cart

When you take a small basket, you naturally end up buying less. This works like magic because you only add what’s really important rather than hoarding your cart with impulse purchases.


#5. Bulk Buying

It’s best if you’ve got a month’s meal plan in front of you. The best way to save money when shopping in bulk is to do it from stores that offer memberships. Not only will you get great discounts but you’ll also get additional cashback or membership points that you can later redeem.


#6. Buy Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

Buy Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

Consume more seasonal items as they’re cheaper. You can go one step ahead and buy seasonal vegetables such as peas in bulk and freeze them. This way, you can consume peas throughout the year without having to buy at high prices (during off-season).


#7. Limit Your Non-Veg Intake

Meat is expensive and even more if you’re buying cuts. You’ll save a huge chunk of money once you limit your meat intake. Try to be a flexitarian or a vegetarian for a few months to see the difference.


#8. Stop Wasting Food

Stop Wasting Food

I believe that throwing food is equivalent to throwing money. Consume what you buy. You can also recycle leftovers. For instance, you can create wraps from the remaining vegetables. 



The key to saving money on groceries is to plan ahead and stick to your list. Be on the lookout for offers and coupons to save more. Limiting your meat intake and switching to healthier alternatives will make a big difference to your grocery bills.